Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Madness: Wood Decorations

Obviously we've not had a real "smooth" couple of weeks around my imagine how much it cheered me up to get this cute present in the mail today! My dear friend Ashli has got mad skills with the bandsaw. I've tried to cut things out with jigsaws and bandsaws and I am NO GOOD at it! Luckily if I really feel like making something out of wood, I can defer my cutting to my husband the shop teacher. But Ashli...Ashli does it all by herself, does it well, and with 4 little kids running around underfoot. You should see all the fun things she makes for her house!

At Christmas time, I had her make these candy canes for me:
Super cute, huh? (Note: I didn't "pose" the candy canes into some sort of lame still life...I just took a picture of them where they were!)

Ashli sells some of her fun creations in her etsy shop. My favorite is a "Welcome" sign that has different pieces for the different seasons...but I don't see it in her shop at the I guess you'll have to check back later and see if she makes another one!

Thanks, Ashli - you totally made my day!

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Ashli said...

I'm happy that it made you smile! That was my very hope. The Welcome sign is still under construction...I currently have doors in the garage with wet no cutting around here. The are under my sold items though. Thanks for the're the bestest!