Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've totally been making stuff!

Do you ever get in a crafting funk? Like you just can't figure out what to make...none of your projects are getting finished? And then when you're done with hate it? But suddenly get inspired, motivated or in some other way - get OUT OF THE FUNK! And creativity resumes! Hurray!

I've been enjoying the past few weeks of out-of-the-funk, madly making all kinds of things!

I finally pulled out some Moda squares and a jelly roll and made my Valentine's Day/St. Patrick's Day reversible table runner that I planned over a year ago:
I made some fun projects with the MemoryWorks January Express Kit:

I made a couple scrapbook layouts, for example:
I finally finished my 3-frame has been sitting in my scrapbooking hutch taking up MUCHO space since October when I made the first one...yikes!
Now its hanging on the wall in our hallway - I have to smile every time I walk past - not because its so darn cute - but because I FINISHED IT! HAHA!

And, I got to spend all my free time for a week (which I think totaled about 13 minutes per day...I must have skipped a trip to the bathroom or something to get that much time at once!) working on the Simple Stories line from MemoryWorks. Since I'm on their creative team, I got an advanced set and got to play!

In true Sandy-fashion, I was only able to complete January-July of my full-year-overview album, because of course I only had pictures printed up for 7 months of the year! And my printer is broken! And now I'm on a budget so I couldn't just order me another 5 months on snapfish! Oh just wouldn't be me if the entire project actually got finished all at once...that would just be weird!

Here is what I did so far - the fun thing about this system is that there are divided page protectors, so you just stick things in the pockets - easy, and used little adhesive...which for some reason I keep running out of lately...hmph... Here's a couple of the pages:

So....coming up.....I am still working on my faux-roman-curtains. I will do a tutorial and show you how to alter your mini-blinds without permanently disabling them. I have a few other things up my sleeve, but please let me know if you have any ideas for a tutorial that you'd like to see.

Have a GREAT day...and go do something crafty!

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Melyssa said...

Hey Sandrina!!!

I wish we lived close! I know we'd have so much fun together. Aren't you guys tired of the cold??? You need to move here and experience the balmy temps of the South! :)

So, tell me more about these scrapbook page divider kits or whatever they are. Since I was called as RS Pres. 2 yrs ago, my scrapbooking got put on the backburner. But, now I feel like I finally have things together (somewhat) and so I'm scrapping again and I'm getting ready to get new albums for a new year (2008!) and I'm interested in this. You can email me directly:

I miss you, DT-Hall Babe!!!!

p.s. All of your projects are super cute! You came out of your funk with a ton of creativity flowing!