Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Madness: Costume edition

I get my inspiration from lots of places and I want to give those people credit!

Apparently the desire to create runs in my genes...the first person I want to highlight is my MOM!
She is an amazing seamstress - she has made many wedding dresses (my own included), costumes (including outfitting several full-cast musicals), home decor items, etc. I know how to sew, but I just don't have the patience or skills to turn out the kinds of projects she does.

One of my daughters turned 5 this weekend, and for her present, Mom made her this gorgeous "real" Cinderella dress - hoop skirt and all!


The way to any little girl's heart is with a princess dress!!

And.......without further ado.......I put strips of paper with all the names of everyone who left a comment over the weekend in a cute Valentine's bucket my daughter decorated at Girl Scouts, had her pull a name out of it.....and the winner is ASHLI! All that blog linking must have paid off - have fun with the album! I'll get it mailed off to you this week (sick kids allowing).


Ashli said...

WhoooHOooo! I'll actually be in Worland at Church this Sunday...special times I guess. Don't stress about the PO...I'm moving, so it will go with my stash and probably visit a storage shed before I get to use it. THanks! I'm excited about this blog!

gramma/mom said...

Wow! I feel so special! For full disclosure I must give MY mom credit too for teaching me to sew! Definitely 'necessity is the mother of invention' in my case :)
Plus--That gleam in Heather's eyes is priceless!! and miss you all! Mom/Gramma