Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Creating In Real Life!

Those who know me know that I am always up to something crafty...scrapbooking, sewing, home decorating - you name it, I've probably tried it (with varying degrees of success!). My home is filled with craft projects, homemade items and storebought things that I've added personal touches to. Some of these projects have turned out really well...others...not so much! I also have stacks of partially finished projects, boxes of unused random supplies and enough ideas to fill a book. Sound familiar?!

As a busy Mom of four children under the age of 7, I am often asked, "how do you have the time (or money) to do that?" Well, here's my secret - I'm a master of making things look harder than they really are and I'm totally cheap! And I've learned to not be too hard on myself when I've made something - a project doesn't have to come out perfect to be cute or appreciated.

So, this blog is dedicated to all those other women out there who think they can't...who think they don't have the time...or think they aren't creative enough... I'll share my projects with you (even the ugly ones!), you can share your ideas with me - and between all of us, we can work together to create beautiful homes and captured memories for our families to treasure for years to come!

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