Thursday, August 13, 2009

OH where, oh where, have all the crafts gone?!'s been a long time! I have been making lots and lots of things...and not posting them! Sigh. I still need to show you how to make car organizers for the kids, binder bags for church (or any other quiet activity), fabric buckets, a super-super-super-cute baby skirt out of an old pair of jeans, a quick "tool belt" apron for that busy little guy in your life, an even quicker bowtie for that same busy little guy, lots of organizing and reuse/recycling tips...I've been up to things. Lots and lots of things. :)

Hang in there with me...I'll get some stuff up here soon!

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V and Co. said...

i NEED a car organizer so please do post this project! and if i make it i'll so link it back...but then i'd have to clean my car and i'm scared of what lies beneath the mess in that thing. see i need i a car organizer! -V