Monday, March 2, 2009

Apron #1: Skirt-Style Dishtowel Apron

To make this cute apron: You need 2 dishtowels (mine are Orla Kiely by Target):

Decide which one will be the "skirt" and which will be the "sash/waistband".

On one of the long sides of the "skirt" towel (the side that will be the top), make some pinch pleats along the length of the top to gather it a little. I started from the center of towel and made pleats 2" off the center on either side (point the pleat folds towards the outside edges), then 4" apart after that until I reached the edges. I'm only a few months post-partum, mind you, so if you aren't quite a voluptuous around the middle as I am right now, you might want to make your pleats only 2-3 inches apart:

Here is mine with all the pleats pinned (the crease down the center is just from lack of ironing!):

Set that towel aside and pull out the "waistband" towel. First, cut off the hems around all 4 sides:

Then cut your towel into 3-4 strips (if you want a thicker waistband that ties in the back) or more (if you want a thinner waistband and ties that reach around back, then back to the front). Don't cut your finger like I did (the kleenex I'm holding isn't a decorative touch...its to keep from bleeding out all over the towel!).I cut mine approx. 5 1/2" wide, to go with the pattern on the towel. You will be folding them in half and sewing one edge, so keep that in mind when you decide how wide to cut them:

Right sides together, sew the strips end to end to make one long piece of fabric:

Fold the strip in half, right sides together, and press with your iron. Then sew along the raw edge (but leave the two end open):

Attach a safety pin to one end, and begin pushing it through the tube towards the other end to turn it right-side out (notice I'm still holding the NOT...I repeat do NOT try to wipe off your brand new rotary cutter with a napkin and your finger...):

Once the whole tube is right-side out, iron it flat, with your seam all the way to one side, then topstitch along all 4 sides to keep it laying flat (tuck in the two ends and sew down):

Pull out the skirt piece and machine baste along the top (remove the pins as you go!) to secure the pleats:

Lay the sash/waistband face down; find the center. Now lay the skirt part down on the sash (face down), matching the centers. Pin the two pieces together, aligning the skirt along the bottom seam of the sash. Stitch, taking care to backstitch several times at the ends:

Iron the whole thing, then put it on:

Now go feel sassy.

Stay tune for more apron tutorials later this week!

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Ashli said...

You've been busy! Those are super cute! THis is exciting...maybe that other deal will land me some cute apron or other fabric stuff...since we know you are in "love" right now! Keep 'em comin!